How to Engage Volunteers Through Membership Programs

Volunteering and membership programs are two sides of the same coin; they go hand-in-hand. One of the best ways to encourage people to volunteer in a non-profit outfit is through membership programs. If your organization hasn’t thought of coming up with a membership program yet, this is a great time to do so as it will encourage more volunteers to want to be part of the cause in bringing change into the communities they live in. Volunteers are valuable assets in any non profit organization. They put in the hours to ensure the organization meets its goals and aspirations. Because of the crucial role they play in non-profit organizations, volunteers need to stay engaged and motivated always. So, how can non-profits run a sustainable volunteer program.

Volunteer Engagement Program

One of the mistakes many non-profits commit is failing to value the crucial role volunteers play. To be perceived as a critical management function in such an organization, there is need for a volunteer engagement policy which should be developed by the management ,as well as the key volunteers. When developing such a program, think of all their needs and what motivates them. Volunteers like being part of a cause they believe in. Once in a while, it would be a great idea to engage them in fun activities such as playing online games and would be a great starting point as far as motivation is concerned.

Some volunteers are motivated by their desire for change. Create a room whereby they can put their skills and knowledge to work. Help them build meaningful relationships among themselves and others in the organization.

Above all, when someone volunteers and commits their time into a good cause, they also desire to acquire new skills. Create learning opportunities where they can acquire new knowledge in the things they are interested in. Always think about each of the volunteer’s motives and build a program around them.