List of Popular Aquatic Activities

So many activities exist that can be done in or on water. These activities which people engage themselves in to have fun, unwind, relax or exercise are referred to as aquatic activities. Since the advantages of aquatic activities are numerous, several non-profit organizations have taken the initiative to make the activities available to communities. Here are some of the activities that the volunteers, together with the community members, engage themselves in.


Surfers take advantage of the breaking waves and ride them to the shores. To surf, one needs a surfboard where they stand upright or stay in a prone position. Once a wave comes by, surfers are quick to catch and ride it until the wave energy dies down. Waves used can be natural or human-made. The natural waves can be found in the ocean and rivers. To surf successfully, one needs to be skilled, decisive and quick. How risky the whole surfing process is makes it even more interesting.


Sailing is one of the calmest aquatic activities. The activity involves using a boat that relies on sails rather than an engine. Large groups of people can participate in the activity to help with navigation and serving others. It is vital to pay attention to the direction and strength of the wind because it plays a big role in the direction your boat is going to take. For safety purposes, an experienced captain is required to head the boat. After hiring a boat, the captain comes along with it, so no need for extra expenses.


Swimming is classified as an individual activity. However, there are times when a group of swimmers decide to swim together to make some patterns. This method is called synchronized swimming. For swimmers to synchronize their swimming, an instructor is required to monitor and instruct the swimmers. Swimming has many health benefits and is also very useful in maintaining fitness.