4 Health Benefits of Aquatic Activities

Aquatic exercises are not only fun but improve your fitness. The activities are done in a gravity-induced aquatic environment. The water buoyancy supports your body if you have balance problems, weakness or pain. Moreover, the viscosity slows your movement by offering resistance as you exercise, endeavoring a great workout. Below are the health benefits you stand to enjoy even as you plan on jumping into the swimming pool.

Weight Loss

Water gives your body massive resistance requiring you to push your muscles further. The action increases the calories your body burns in a few minutes of exercising. Engage in intensive water workouts such as lifting dumbbells, high-knee lift extensions and leg kicks. The body sweats more, so drink more fluids to stay hydrated at the start and finish of the workout.

An Excellent Cardio Workout

A healthy heart is crucial to your body’s health. Aquatic activities increase your heart health by ensuring you have stronger cardio muscles. The activities decrease the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Swimmers are less likely to suffer heart disease as opposed to inactive people. Most people enjoy water activities than workouts on land. Moreover, you exercise longer on the water than if you do it on land.


Water buoyancy gives your joints and muscles extra support, allowing you to work out harder. Participating in water activities significantly improves your body health. Stronger muscles enable you to do land activities as well. Aquatic exercises are preferred for pregnant women too.

Eases Muscle and Joint Pain

Chronic illnesses are difficult to tackle. However, those experiencing joint and muscle pains can choose various activities that ease pain like walking in water and water arm lifts. Aquatic exercises are helpful for those with joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Stop the activity the moment you start feeling dizziness, faint, problem breathing or nausea.